Youth Projects

The Rotary Club of Gerringong Sunrise is passionate about broadening the horizons and enhancing the life experiences of youth in our community. We are involved in a variety of well-established and exciting programs.Not every program set out has club involvement every year. For example we only send out an outgoing student overseas every two or three years.

If you would like to find out more, or apply for any of these programs, please contact us or visit our Facebook page.


In Gerringong Sunrise Rotary we recognise that young people are the future of our country. As a result we are committed to assisting young people in a variety of ways to grow and develop so that they in their turn can enrich our community.

Students who attend these programs usually reurn to our club meetings and give a report on their time away. These are always encouraging times.A students from Kiama High who attended a RYPEN camp at Mogo in May 2014 wrote'The past weekend at the camp has been one of the best in my life,as I was enlightened and educated on many topics of discussion,while making amazing new friends and developing my teamwork and leadership skills.' This year 10 student was also selected to be a leader at a future camp.

A year 11 student who went to the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra in January 2014 wrote that attending 'was undeniably the best life decision I have made. The friends,the personal growth i have achieved,the things I learned,the scientists and other influential people I met and life long memories I have created are unforgettable.'

Such feedback makes our involvement in youth programs very worthwhile.

As a club we are able to assist students financially to attend such events which some would not normally be able to afford.


Rotary International Youth Exchange

In this program students spend a year living as a full time student in another country.


RYPEN - Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment

A two-day camp for 14-17 year olds, held twice each year at Mogo NSW during May and September. 


NYSF - National Youth Science Forum

A rich experience for students currently in Year 11, who live on campus as university students for twelve days in January, mixing with other like-minded participants.