Bilya Reserve Committee

Committee Description:

At present this project is coordinated by Bob Green .

Dementia Inclusive Dancing

Committee Description:

A program that aims to support people living with dementia through music, dance and social interaction. 

Coordinator. Christa Wood

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Market Committee

Committee Description:

The market is run by a market committee that reports to the Market Coordinator.

We have no overall market manager , but have team leaders for each of the key areas of market organisation.

Rock and Dance

Committee Description:

A social dance group that meets every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from 2-4pm at the Gerringong Townhall. 

Social Committee

Committee Description:

Coordinater. Tim Lawrance

August Events.

Wednesday August 16.  Lunch at Mountain View Winery.

Wednesday August 30. Evening meal at Cronins Pub. 6pm


Committee Description:

We are at present reviewing the operation of our website.

Pauline Thwaites and Christa Wood

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